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Transform your accountancy practice into a profitable and valuable advisory business.

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12 reviews for The Business Growth Accountant

  1. Graham Lamont, Chief Executive Lamont Pridmore

    I have just read your fantastic book and have been inspired to re-write completely our internal business advisory manual.
    The firm has 58 staff now and we are attacking the MTD market at the moment with a training package for clients using Quickbooks, Sage and Xero together with an in-housed data processing solution using the same software but within LP.
    We have been providing outsourced FD services for over 12 years with 80% of the practice now providing higher level tax planning (30%), business advisory(30%) and financial services advice (20%) to the client base.
    We are exploring creating two brands/practices – one for compliance services and the other Business Advisory first and accountancy a close second.
    I am really inspired by your book and thank you so much for writing it, it has been a life changing experience.

  2. Neil King, Managing Director, Cedar+Co, England

    “The effort, energy and passion that Paul has put into creating this go-to book for any serious accountant has been clear to see over the last year or so.
    We meet with Paul every quarter and feel his inspiration! His enthusiasm transports itself across our team and fills us all with joy, anticipation and most importantly of all…drive. This is what the book does too. Paul’s book is full of inspiring, yes, literally awe-inspiring thought and insight into how you can make your accountancy business a better business by helping your clients, by caring.
    Top tip, once you have read the book, pick one thing, just one thing and do it…this will make you feel good and will encourage you to pick another one thing to do, before you know where you are you will have done lots! Small steps!”

  3. Luke Smith, Director, Purpose, Jersey

    In this book Paul brilliantly articulates the key issues facing our industry and the most effective solutions to them from people who have done it already.
    It took me years of reading, learning and conferences to work through them alone. If only I had had this manual earlier! He answers all the questions you might have but not the one that only you can answer for yourself: “Do I have the guts to try to make a difference to my clients’ businesses?”

  4. Alan Cowperthwaite, Director Harvey Smith, England

    ”Having worked with Paul for a number of years and read many of the books, which are referred to here, it’s great to see how Paul has pulled so much of this stuff together in one place. What is crystal clear and connected with me, is the importance of changing your mindset and being that advisor first, and an accountant second. We have already taken steps to reflect this and are changing our branding.”

  5. Nigel Bennett, Managing Director, Hallidays Chartered Accountants, England

    “Brilliant. I have sent this book out to the board of directors and all our team leaders.
    The timing of this book is excellent as I have just started HIT (Hallidays Internal Training) which is a course on training client facing team members on how to be a great business advisor (not an accountant). This book reinforces and supports the learning in this programme. It is going to be essential reading for everyone attending.
    This is incredibly valuable. I thought the chapter on questions was really interesting as I hadn’t come across question frameworks before (maybe some of us don’t need them!) and I think this will be a really useful chapter for the team members who choose to move from accountant to advisor.
    I 100% endorse everything Paul talks about in this book – It felt strangely as if he’d been rummaging around in my mind and pulling loads of stuff out and putting it on paper!
    But to summarise…
    …essential reading for any accountant who truly cares about their clients and has a burning desire to do something to help clients more. The No 1 handbook for moving from accountant to (growth) advisor.”

  6. Rob Whittall, Managing Partner at Dyke Yaxley LLC

    Paul highlights in his book how the accountancy profession is changing and changing at a rapid pace. He highlights that fact that to be a successful accountant in the ever-changing technological world, that you will need to adapt quickly or you will become extinct. As a profession, we have to reinvent ourselves to be more valuable to our clients. His book takes you on a journey of how to embrace technology and utilize it together with a mindset of developing great questions to be an invaluable resource and advisor to your clients. The age of compliance as a value service to a client is coming to an end. However, the age of our true value is just beginning if you want to embrace technology, are forward thinking and enjoy helping your clients become really successful. If you want to be an accountant of the future, Paul’s book is a must read to help you on that journey.

  7. Ian Rodgers, Managing Director, The Profit Key, England

    “Having worked with him for a number of years it’s great to see Paul’s book bring together superbly many insights into how an accountancy firm can address the core challenges now facing the profession.
    In a constantly and now rapidly changing environment Paul shows how you can lay sound foundations on which to build a great accountancy practice.
    This book is a must read for any practice that wants to grow, adapt and achieve its goals and will inspire you to do so”

  8. Shaz Nawaz, ACA, Director, AA Accountants, England

    “I worked with Paul for a number of years. He was coach, consultant, adviser, friend and trusted aide all at the same time. Paul’s knowledge, experience and expertise of the accountancy profession is simply brilliant.
    He helped transform our firm and I’m forever indebted to him for all his support. I’m thrilled that Paul has written this book where he openly and transparently shares key insights into how to create an exceptional accountancy firm.
    I think the book is a must-read for all accountants who are serious about running a remarkable practice.”

  9. Rob Walsh, Managing Director, Clear Vision Accountancy Group, England

    “This is the book that the Accountancy Profession needs to wake itself up to what clients want.
    It’s all in the book – how you start and deliver Business Growth Consultancy to your clients. It’s simply invaluable for those accountants that want to BE the change.
    Well done Paul and this book needs to be read by every team member.”

  10. Robert Craven, Managing Director, The Directors Centre, England

    “In his book Paul does not set out to be popular. He challenges you to be so much more than just another beige accountant. And let me tell you, the world doesn’t need any more of them!
    In your hands is the book that every dull, boring accountant should read so they get a sense of what the wise ones are doing. Then why wouldn’t you leave mediocre and run-of-the-mill accounting behind you and take the actions and insights suggested by all the contributors to Paul’s book?
    If I were an accountant I’d buy every available copy of this book so that the competition can’t get hold of a copy.
    Paul, and the firms he’s interviewed for the book, re-invigorate my belief that the accountancy profession can deliver on its potential to change the way that businesses perform.”

  11. Clive Wilson, Director Landmark Accountants, England

    “Just read Paul’s book through and found it to be very engaging and, in places, challenging (in a good way). I think the footnotes with links to online material really add to the value and I really liked the section on “Numbers To Grow By”. Lots of material there that I will use. I thought the Rugby story was a particularly excellent example of how changing the scoring (measuring) can change behaviour.”

  12. Douglas Aitken, CEO Croner Business School, England

    “This book tells you everything good about Paul Shrimpling’s approach and contribution to the accountancy profession. Anyone who has seen him present would vouch that Paul can never be accused of being half-hearted, and this book oozes passion and wholehearted advice from the first page. The book is filled with straightforward and common-sense advice, and Paul’s credibility comes not only from his thousands of hours one-to-one with accountants looking to improve their businesses but also his ability to get others to open up about the secrets of their success. This is a must-read for any accountant looking forward to the digital age with a little trepidation.”

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