14 Interviews with Commentators and Accounting Firms from the UK and Australia

5 UK Accounting Firms

Rob Walsh

Ow​ner and MD of Clear Vision Accountancy Ltd

Specialist Business Consultant and Mentor

Andrew Botham

Owner of Mayes Accountancy

Founder of Business One Page Plan 

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Aynsley Damery

CEO of Taybali Tomlin

Co-founder of TaxGo  

Paul Kennedy

MD at O'Byrne and Kennedy Chartered Accountants

VeraSage fellow, business designer and speaker

Peter Taaffe

Owner & MD of BWMacfarlane Chartered Accountants
Business Strategy Expert

Luke Smith

Founder of Purpose
Finance Director of Repowering London               

3 Australian Accounting Firms

Steph Hinds

Head Ninja and Accountant at Growthwise

Xero firm of the year 2012

James Solomons

Director & Co-founder of Aptus Accounting and Advisory

Head of Xero Accounting

Greg Smargiassi

Founder and CEO of OURCFO

Educator teaching SMEs financial mastery.

6 Commentators

Nick Williams

National Business Development Manager, Intuit
Specialist Business Consultant and Mentor

Alex Davis

Business Development Manager, Intuit

Steve Major

Co-Founder at Decisionhq

Founder of Pricing Power and The Revolutionary Firm

Steve Pipe

Speaker, strategist and Amazon 5* rated business author

Founder of Accountants Changing the World and Founder of AVN

Ric Payne

Thought Leader & Chairman of the Principa Group of Companies.

President & CEO of Results Accountants' Systems

Paul Dunn

B1G1 Chairman
Founder of Results Corporation - Boot Camp

Amanda Fisher

CFO & Business Mentor

Speaker and Author of Unscramble Your Numbers

6 Business Bitesize Reports

Throughout my book I reference the Business Bitesize reports.  You can get them here.

These insights will give you the tools to improve your firm and help you advise your clients about their businesses too, all in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea or coffee!

1. How to use the magic of questions to get more buyers to say yes...
  • check
    how just 6 words can unlock greater sales
  • check
    the one question that derails your sales if you use it too soon
  • check
    the 2-word phrase that automatically gets you to ask better questions
2. How to grow your firm by making the most of every day...
  • check
    the 3-step wheel that unlocks greater productivity
  • check
    the 5 habit triggers you should use to change your work habits
  • check
    a simple new meeting habit that energises your team and shortens meetings!
3. Why risk making a bad decision when making great decisions is just so simple?
  • check
    how hidden biases can affect the business decisions you make
  • check
    the value of the 10/10/10 question when making decisions both for the long and short term
  • check
    the effect widening your options can make in your decision-making process
4. How to double, treble or quadruple the sales opportunities for your business with little or no cost...
  • check
    discover the brilliant story of Dominos Pizza and what they did to strengthen their offer and achieve unprecedented growth
  • check
    the 3 statistics that will convince you of the power of this single strategy for strengthening your firm's commercial offer
  • check
    you'll see how this marketing process can be achieved with almost zero budget - making it a cost effective way to grow your firm
5. Prevent profits slip sliding away by mastering the science of pricing...
  • check
    how a carefully structured, measured and tested pricing plan can tap into windfall profits for your firm
  • check
    how using top-down, 3-tier pricing will give your buyers more control and give you a competitive advantage
  • check
    the mind blowing power of pricing anchors
6. Here's how you sidestep second-rate results by using the science of goal-setting...
  • check
    how you can take the five scientific goal-setting steps to drive your firm forward
  • check
    how to use The SMART Checklist to construct your ‘stretch’ goal-setting plan
  • check
    how the simple steps for goal-setting that worked for hip and knee replacement patients, can be applied to your firm

The 12 best KPIs fo​​​​r your accountancy firm...

The KPI report
  • check
    identify the four categories of KPIs you must track
  • check
    learn how often the KPIs must be reviewed
  • check
    why using fewer KPIs improves strategic focus

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